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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Why I Prefer Pampers

Hello Readers,

This is one of my "off topic" blog posts, are you ready?  Okay, so you can go ahead and judge me for using disposable diapers, but there's no way that I am going to be able to spray out poopy diapers for twins, do you know how many poopy diapers I deal with on a daily basis?!?  You don't want to know, but trust me, if you've ever had a 1 year old who is switched to milk, and eats table foods, then you know how their diapers were, multiply that by two!

So yes, we use disposable diapers, please don't lecture me, I'm planning on trying cloth with a singleton someday!  You can even send me links or patterns or actual diapers :)  That being said, I think that I should do a post about the brand of diapers I prefer, and explain it a little bit, because there are a few benefits.

Usually we do use the Costco brand of diapers, because they're cheaper and get the job done, BUT, at night my twins sleep a long time, (12 hours), and regular diapers do not hold all of their...potty, so we have to use different diapers at night, we like the Pampers Baby Dry.  Now These aren't cheap diapers, by any means, but there are some ways to work around that.

First off, I've been discovering the benefits of shopping at Rite Aid, which I've never really even considered, but I follow lots of couponers on Instagram and they do lots of shopping at other drug stores, so I thought I would give Rite Aid a try.  I joined their Wellness Rewards program, which was free, and they have things called + Up Rewards in their ads.  What those are is if you buy the specified number of products, (usually one or two), dollar amounts are added to your card the next day for you to apply to your balance and are available for 14 days.  A lot of the things that are eligible for the + Up Rewards match up with coupons you can find in the newspaper and online.  They're great if you're trying to build up a stock pile.  This week I'm getting toothbrushes and mouthwash.  So with Rite Aid they will have their diapers go on sale, including Pampers, and they're on sale for $9.49 this week, and they are $2 + Up Reward points, and you can earn two.  So with my buying the other items, I will have $8 in + Up Rewards points, and so the next day I will be able to buy two packs of Pampers that on sale together would be $19 - $3 off in coupons, -$8 in + Up Rewards points = $8 for those two, which is great when they're normally priced at $12.99 a pack.  And by buying those, I will earn another $4 in + Up Rewards points, so the next day I will go back and use a $1.50 off coupon + the $4 in + Up Rewards, and pay another $4 for a pack of diapers.

Another reason why I like Pampers is their Gifts to Grow program, and their Grow On program.  What these are, are codes that you find in Pampers products that are a 15 digit codes that you enter at pampers.com after you sign up.  The more points you add the greater rewards you get through the Gifts to Grow program, many of these are offers from Shutterfly-such as free prints, free cards, posters, etc.  As you get more and more points you can get free toys, free magazine subscriptions and I think they even have a potty training seat on there!  The Grow on program is neat, it's to keep you motivated to continue to enter points.  It keeps track of each month you enter points, so even if you only enter one set of points a month you're earning, but if you miss a month, you have to start all over.  With the Grow On program, you get rewarded every 3 months, with each reward growing in worth.  For entering them in for three months, you get personalized address labels from Shutterfly, 6 months you get photo cards, 9 months you get a wall calendar from Shutterfly and 12 months you get to chose from a photo book from Shutterfly, or A band set, or a play pad.  After you complete the Grow On Program, you can repeat.  So theoretically, you can get address labels, photo cards, a calendar, and a photo book for entering in 12 codes, which you could buy 4 3-packs of wipes for about $5 a piece, so spend $20 and get about $75 worth of free product + free shipping.

So these are just some of the reasons why I prefer Pampers.

Have an awesome day!



  1. I'm not mad that you use disposables... but I'm irritated that your girls sleep 12 hours at night! What??!! Teach me.

  2. Hahaha! I think it's cause they're preemies, and that they sleep in the same room! They've always needed a ton of sleep, plus I think when they wake up in the middle of the night, instead of crying because they're scared or lonely, they see their sissy and go back to sleep! Not to say they never wake up in the middle of the night--cause they do, but not every night!! We're really lucky!