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Monday, March 11, 2013

Recipe Review: Kraft Fresh Take Sliders

Hi Readers,

How is your Monday going?  Ours is going pretty well, I bathed both babies and got both in bed before 9 pm, how's about that for being a supermom?  Just kidding, but not really!!
So I made turkey sliders tonight with Kraft Fresh Take add ins, which include breadcrumbs and cheese.  I used to Colby Bacon flavored pack.  I mixed it with ground turkey and some water and formed little patties, and fried in a tiny bit of oil.  We served them on dinner rolls.

Next time around I would add less of the bread crumbs, and I will add chopped onions, and possibly some peppers or spinach to break up the salty and protein flavor.  I wouldn't recommend making this with beef, I think it would put these over-the-top of saltiness.  I will try these again with the added veggies, and lessened breadcrumbs to see if it turns out more satisfactory for me.

Happy Monday night,


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