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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Meal Plan March 4-8 2013 New Place!

Hello Readers,

Happy March to you!  I'm determined to make this new month a good month after the last month I had, I need some positiveness!  Plus, I need to get back into a healthier routine, meals planned, exercise planned and all that good stuff!  So we just moved these passed few weeks, and we are mostly in, but here is a picture I took of my kitchen the other day, it's a panoramic.
So let's hop right into meal planning, shall we?  I've found a lot of really good chicken recipes lately, and I just can't help myself, plus we both don't mind eating chicken every night.

Buffalo Chicken Casserole from MyFridgeFood.com http://myfoodfridge.com/viewrecipe.aspx?recipe=20853

Tex Mex Mac & Cheese from http://myfoodfridge.com/viewrecipe.aspx?recipe=1518 I will probably add a can of Rotel to add more flavor :)

Creamy Garlic Dill Salmon http://progresso.com/Recipes/Recipe-Starters/lemon-garlic-dilled-salmon/590f8e30-0df3-4af7-b8a2-fa9c98c6e7ac

I'm going to make turkey sliders with Kraft Fresh Take mix, here's a recipe similar to what I plan on doinghttp://www.kraftrecipes.com/recipes/smokey-mesquite-sliders-139056.aspx

I'm going to make yummy sweet Asian pork chops found here  http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Pork-Chops-for-the-Slow-Cooker/Detail.aspx

Hope your week goes well!  Happy meal planning,


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  1. So happy for you guys and your move! I love a kitchen with a lot of space. Congratulations!