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Monday, November 26, 2012

Recipe Reviews: Turkey Shepherd's Pie with Mashed Cauliflower and Potatoes

Hi Readers,

How's your Monday going?  Mine's going pretty quickly, which I am happy about, because my husband is only working 3 days this week!  I'm also in a good mood because an issue was resolved today, which makes everything better, especially around the holidays!  Another thing that puts me in a good mood is dinner!  Let me tell you about it.

So I've never made Shepherd's Pie before, and I just found this recipe via Allrecipes.com http://pinterest.com/pin/32088216066770408/ .  Now I've had Shepherd's Pie a lot, I'm 1/4 British, (my grandma was actually from London), but This recipe was a little different than what my sassy grandma Iris would have made, so hopefully she's not rolling in her urn over this..!
So I basically followed this recipe, but I just chopped the carrots instead of shredding them, because I don't own a food processor, and I am too lazy to shred them by hand.  Also, the recipe says to separate the cauliflower and the potatoes and then process or blend the cauliflower and add to potatoes and mash, but...I just used my hand blender on it all with 1/2 cup of the cooking liquid, and it worked just fine for me, plus I got to use my hand blender, so that's always awesome.  This was extremely easy, and super yummy.  Also, it's pretty healthy, since you're not using red meat, and less potatoes!

So I did a Google search on cauliflower, because I curious what the health benefits of it are, and the best nutrient you can get from it is vitamin C!  That's pretty awesome, and definitely should be something in everyone's diet.  Why not include some cauliflower into your diet, and why not use it in a nice shepherd's pie?

Happy Monday,


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