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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Recipe reviews: light taco casserole

Hi readers,

How are you all doing? I will keep this short since I am posting this from my bedroom since is after midnight on Friday. I'm actually dictating this with my voice to my phone because I am too lazy to type! So please ignore the lack of punctuation because I don't really feel like saying the words to give me what I wanted to say--If that even make sense.
So tonight I made a late taco casserole but I found it from the blog six sister stuff: http://www.sixsistersstuff.com/2011/09/light-taco-casserole-recipe.html?m=1
I have really been loving their blog, you should check it out it is really good and they have lots of yummy stuff.
So what I did with this recipe is I used red kidney beans because I didn't have any black beans that I could see, and I used crush jalapeno tortilla chips, because that taste better. I also did not use taco seasoning because I threw mine out because it was past its expiration date so I used garlic powder cumin chili powder and onion powder. I didn't use the fresh onions because I was too lazy to chop them up tonight.
We served with sour cream hot sauce salsa cheese and it was really good, I would really make this again, because it was so easy and cheap to make you could Also serve with shredded lettuce olives more beans tomatoes whatever you could think of, I was planning on using shredded lettuce, but mine turn brown before I got to use it. So overall I rate this is a very cheap tasty and easy meal definitely a go to when you only have half an hour to 45 minutes to prepare a meal.

Get your casserole on,


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