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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Recipe Review: Roasted Squash Chili Mac

Hello Readers,

I must say, cooking is one of my biggest stress relievers and mood changers.  I was in a grumpy mood all day, mainly because I did not feel good.  It's smoky here, and I was up really late.  I didn't even get out of my pajamas until well after lunch time, now that is pretty bad.  So I finally got over myself and got into the shower and started dinner.
Roasted Squash Chili Mac found here:  http://pinterest.com/pin/32088216066358323/
I explored with butternut squash tonight, and it was my first time, so I just peeled it, and chopped it, salted, peppered and nutmegged (nutmeg'd?) them, and put them in the oven at 400 Fahrenheit for 19 minutes.  Then I boiled a box of rigatoni pasta with salted water and some oil.  Then I melted the butter in a saucepan, and this is where I strayed from the recipe, I just eyeballed all the ingredients...I only used half the chili powder, I used dried oregano instead of fresh, and I didn't use coriander.  I also just used some canned green chiles, instead of chopping one up.  So after that I pretty much followed the recipe, but I wasn't able to use all the called for noodles, but that's okay, I snacked on them while I was cooking the food!
Roasted Squash Chili Mac
Oh, I forgot to mention that there were red kidney beans in this!  These are beans that I boiled and froze myself!  We both loved this recipe, and I will definitely be making it again.  May I suggest that it would be a great side dish for a Thanksgiving dinner, or some other great holiday feast?  I would say that this was a medium difficulty, and pretty time consuming, I used 5 different dishes to cook this, (9X13 pan, a large pot, a sauce pan, colander, and the baking dish), but It was well worth it!
This was way out of my comfort zone, I've never really even touched a butternut squash before, but I wanted to take a risk, and boy am I glad!  It's fun to discover new recipes and flavors, I hope you do the same!

Try some squash!


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