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Monday, October 1, 2012

Recipe Review: Easy Crock Pot Chicken

Hello Readers,

How's your Monday going?  Mine's alright, my twins are just super fussy tonight, and my husband's been at work for 12 hours, so my patience is wearing thin.  Just another time I'm glad I decided to put food in the Crock Pot, because when my babies are competing to be louder than the other one, I don't have time to make their bottles, let alone make food for us.
So I'll cut to the chase, I made a recipe called Easy Crock Pot Chicken, I've been calling it Chicken with Stuffing, call it what you will, here's the link:  http://pinterest.com/pin/32088216066319045/
Also, instead of the cream of chicken soup, I used the SOS Mix I made a few weeks back:  http://pinterest.com/pin/32088216066221421/
So I would say that this recipe is extremely easy whether you use cream of chicken soup or SOS Mix, but with the SOS Mix I did heat it up and whisk it until it was warmed through, so that's one extra step, but not very time consuming.
Chicken & Stuffing
I know that the picture is ugly, but not all food that tastes good looks the best, especially when you cook it all in the same pot.

Overall I would say that this recipe is easy, as I stated above, and pretty quick since it only takes 4 hours to cook, I would like to try it with cream of chicken soup next time, just to see the difference, and I'd probably use a little less sour cream, and mix everything (except the chicken), and then pour over the top to make it less "sour" tasting and make the stuffing a little more evenly coated.

I'm not sure what my husband thinks of it, but I will let you know if he doesn't like it.  I probably won't be making this again any time soon, unless I happen to have stuffing on hand that I need to get rid of!

Happy silence (for now),


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