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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Getting Autumn-y Around Here!

Hi Readers,

How are you doing? I'm pretty tired today, we had a huge thunder/lightning/rainstorm at 5 this morning and I didn't get right back to sleep. Other than some tiredness I'm pretty good, and have been fairly productive.
So my parents have been giving us lots of goodies and the most recent ones have been apples their neighbor grew and some plums. Since I hate wasting things, especially gorgeous fruits and veggies I finally buckled down and decided to make stuff. I had ten apples and I separated them between two recipes: apple crisp and applesauce. I found both recipes in my Betty Crocker cookbook. They were both very simple and delicious, and go great with vanilla ice cream :)
With the plums I couldn't find any recipe that looked good so I just kid of played around with them. So I quartered them and put them in my sauce pan. I had a sandwich bag full of them. I added a half cup of water and just stirred over medium heat until it looked broken down. Then I added cinnamon and some white sugar. I didn't measure but I went by taste. Then I stirred over medium heat a while longer and added some corn starch and voila! I have jam! It is very good!

How do you use harvesty fruits?


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