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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tried Some New Things

Hello Readers,

Sorry I've been MIA for a few days, I just decided to take a two day hiatus from the computer, just because.  We actually were pretty busy this weekend, on Sunday we went to church, then we went to my husband grandpa's 92nd birthday party, then my MIL came over and held the girls finally!  Then yesterday I was under the weather and I just didn't feel like doing much, I didn't even eat anything!  I did however do some things that I found on Pinterest, and did something that I found as a suggestion on the Cooking For Your Family board on BabyCenter.com.

The first thing I tried is SOS mix.  Now, I actually found this on a board on BabyCenter.com as well, but I had pinned it, and was super intrigued by the idea.  So basically it's is a Soup Or Sauce mix, (SOS), but it is a replacement for Cream of Chicken soup, and honestly, we all have used it from time-to-time in a pinch.  The problem with cream of chicken soup is all the salt, preservatives, and it takes up space!  Well, with this SOS mix, it only has four ingredients, and you can fit it all in a 12.8 oz baby formula can!  You use evaporated milk, corn starch, chicken bullion, and onion flakes!  I even used reduced sodium chicken bullion cubes (that I crushed).  I haven't used it in anything yet, but I cannot wait!  And you use 1/3 cup of the mix to 1 & 1/4 cups water, (I believe), and that is the equivalent to NINE cans of the cream of chicken soup.  Can you beat that?  I think not.  Here's a link to it:

So after I made the SOS mix, I had the little glass jar leftover from the chicken bullion, and I'm really trying not to just throw things away if I can reuse them, (how green of me), just like my grandma does with all her used containers.  So I thought and thought about things that I had pinned lately on Pinterest, and I remembered that I had found a really easy mix for pumpkin pie spice.  I always end up borrowing some from my parents, because the stores charge an arm and a leg for it, and I always just need a few tablespoons a year, so I can't justify buying it.  After I washed, and rewashed the bullion jar, and sniffed for leftover chicken scent, I found the pin, got out the ingredients:  Ginger, Cinnamon, Allspice, Nutmeg and Cloves, and put them all together which was 1 1/2 TBS of cinnamon and 1 tsp of all the others, this is what it looked like before I shook it up:

It kind of reminded me of our wedding sand that we poured!  I didn't want to shake it up, but I had to in order for it to taste right, and it smells heavenly!!  http://pinterest.com/pin/32088216066229063/

I also bought a big bag of chicken the other day, and let it thaw in the fridge for a few days.  Then yesterday I finally got around to this project I've been planning.  I dumped the bag of chicken in my Crock Pot, with a few cups of water, and some S&P and put it on high for a few hours.  Then, this is the coolest part, I put it in my KitchenAid Mixer, with the paddle attachment, and I shredded the chicken!!  Then I put it in a freezer bag and put it in the freezer for a day/time when I don't have the time/energy to cook!  GENIUS!  I can't take credit for that though, someone suggested it on BabyCenter.com!

So I hope you do some fun and creative things, even when you're feeling under the weather!

Here's hoping you find some gems on Pinterest,


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