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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pumpkin is the New Bacon?

Hello Readers,

Well, yesterday was officially the first day of Autumn, although it's been Autumn in my heart for weeks.  What does Autumn say to you?  It says to me (since I'm in the Pacific Northwest) cooler weather, drizzly rain, foggy breath, leaves change, pumpkin flavor, apple too, cinnamon, new shoes, scarves, sweaters, leggings, heaters, orange, red, yellow, brown, coffee, tea, cocoa, lattes, beautiful walks, changing scenery, warm bonfires, this is what Fall is to me.

Like my little ditty?  I do!

Anyways we went to my cousins' house last night for game night, (Killer Bunnies!) and we got to talking and they told me they heard about something very interesting to me.  They said they heard (or read, which I did, here: http://www.firstcoastnews.com/news/article/275012/11/Not-just-for-Halloween-pumpkin-is-the-new-bacon ) that pumpkin is the new bacon.  I didn't know how to take this at first, I mean I am obsessed with pumpkin, but there's always been a soft spot for bacon in my heart, er.. stomach.  I know that bacon has blown up in popularity over the last few years, but I grew up on bacon, almost every Saturday my mom would either bake it or microwave it, and we'd have it with eggs and pancakes, very basic, but so good.Now the thought of my beloved pumpkin taking the popular place of the classic bacon is, well, exciting!  I love pumpkin milkshakes, and I bought pumpkin waffles, and darn it, they were great!  So I have to say that I embrace pumpkin taking bacon's place.  It's better for us anyway.  Bacon has quite a bit of fat in it, also, a lot of sodium.  Plus on top of that, vegetarians and vegans are excluded from this trend.  I think that if a food is meant to be big, everyone should be included.
So some good stuff about pumpkin, I learned today it's a fruit, but many sources say it's a vegetable, so I'll classify it as either when it's more convenient to me!  It's also high in fiber, which is great, because we all need more fiber, seriously, how much better would our world be if we got moving??  I won't pontificate, you can ponder upon what I mean...  It also have a lot of vitamin A which is great for your eyes, and inflammatory system, if I remember right, which I'm pretty sure that I do!

So really I do embrace pumpkin, wholeheartedly, I adore it, and it may just be my new favorite thing to cook with.  It's definitely, hands-down, my favorite thing to cook with in the Autumn months, closely followed by apples, which is another post altogether.  I am planning to try some sort of pumpkin chili this year, and of course, lots of baked goods.  I have new recipes all the time, and I am loving them!  In fact, I made some cookies yesterday, but we ate them all, so I need to make some more in order to take some pictures for you all!

I am just bursting with ideas, and cannot wait to get started on new recipes, and getting the dust off of my KitchenAid Mixer.  I would like to know, how do you use pumpkin?  Do you like it?

I still love bacon,



  1. This is so amazing! O and Pumpkin waffles???

  2. Yes! I'm so excited about this! Yeah they're just Eggo brand, but I'm sure one could make a pumpkin waffle batter. I'm planning to try making pumpkin pancakes sometime :)