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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Meal Plan for September 24-28

Hello Readers,

I apologize for having such lackluster posts this passed week, but that just goes to show you that when you aren't very inspired or creative when it comes to meal planning, you can lose discipline to actually implement your plans.  So this next week I am planning, and hoping that I will follow through, because no one likes dinner after 9 pm!!

I've been checking my e-mails this morning, (I am TERRIBLE about checking my e-mail, I mean I have a few hundred e-mails waiting for me), and I looked through a lot of recipes.  I found some yummy gems that I want to try out, so let's get started!

I found this recipe from AllRecipes.com, and I've never had Goulash before, and it goes into the Crock Pot, bonus!

I also found this recipe from AllRecipes.com, and it sounds like it'll just hit the spot now that it is OFFICIALLY AUTUMN!!  (Italian Sausage soup)

I am going to make some chicken and dumplings either in the Crock Pot or on the stove top, depending on what pot is clean ;)  It's my own recipe that changes every time, so I will share the recipe once I make it!

I have never made fajitas before, so I am going to have my first set be shrimp fajitas found at AllRecipes.com as well.

I think I'll adapt this recipe to make it meatless!  Sounds fun!  I love stuffed peppers :)

Bonus Dessert!!
I'm going to make pumpkin snickerdoodles!  How amazing does that sound?!?!

Okay, well I've got my list written, just in time for my baby girls to be telling me that they are HUNGRY!!!

That's my cue,



  1. Sounds good, I may steal a few of these :) Thanks for inspiring my meal plan for the week.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Let me know which ones you try! I'm excited to give the new (to me) recipes a try!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Honey :) I love to serve you yummy food!

  3. .."Depending on what pot is clean" hahah! you're so funny ;) you should totally ask DeAnna to get you Mom's ChickyNDumplings recipe!

    1. ;) It's true though, I don't like to use my pots if they haven't been run through the dishwasher! I will have to ask her! Thanks for the idea!!