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Sunday, September 2, 2012

(Inter)National Bacon Day

Hello Readers,

Guess what yesterday was?  Well I'm sure by my title you can take a guess!  It was (Inter)National Bacon Day!  Different resources say it's international, while others say it's national.  Who cares, it's a day to celebrate bacon, and unless you're vegetarian, SDA or Jewish, I hope you celebrated it!  And if you choose not to eat pork, I hope you had turkey bacon, or tofu bacon, or something!!
So from my understanding, Bacon Day falls on the Saturday before Labor day, this year was the 1st of September.  In 2009 it was the 5th of September, and that just happens to be the day that my husband and I got married.  We got married on BACON DAY!  Unknowingly, but had we known, bacon would have been included in the menu!  So how cool are we, right?
So in celebration of Bacon Day, and in celebration of Saturday, I decided to wake up and let my husband sleep while I took care of the twins and made breakfast.  What's for breakfast you might ask?  BACON AND EGGS OF COURSE!  <---Not an accident, that deserved to be caps lock.  So I didn't want to wake my husband to ask how he wanted his eggs, I made them two different ways for him:  Scrambled and hard-fried.  He goes back and forth to which he prefers.  In the scrambled eggs I put some milk, Siracha, garlic powder and black pepper.  The hard-fried had nothing added to it.  Oh and I fried some bacon on the side, of course.  For myself, I made OVER-EASY EGGS.  That too deserved to be caps lock.  Why do you ask why it so exciting?  Well I'll tell you!  I haven't had over-easy eggs since I found out I was pregnant in December, and over-easy eggs are my FAVORITE type of eggs.  So I made them, and dipped buttered toast in the melty yolk.  And dipped the bacon in it.

Oh Bacon Day was glorious, and next year, I am going to do more to celebrate since I know when it is, I will be searching for recipes.

How did you celebrate Bacon Day, what's your favorite way to have bacon?  (Mine's strips, or in soup, I think...)

Let me know,


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