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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ideas to Make Life Easier

Hello Readers,

Hope everyone is having a good Sunday night!  We're relaxing after getting the twins down to bed after they both had meltdowns.  We just watched the Aristocats and the last quarter of last week's football game.  We just had a boxed thing for dinner, I'm ashamed to talk about it.  We had cereal for dessert...

Anyway, I've been getting all these good ideas from other people and from within and I thought I would share some ways how to make your and my life easier.

First, and I actually did do this.  I chopped up a whole bag of onions and froze them!  This is so exciting to me, because onions are my favorite, and I would add them to everything.  Problem is, I HATE, H-A-T-E chopping them, they make me cry without fail, every time.  The other problem is that I avoid them if I've already showered that day, because I always end up smelling like onions when I chop them, and let's face it, after squeezing a shower in with twins, you don't want to have to try and squeeze another one in.  So since I chopped them up and froze them, I just have to dump them into whatever I'm cooking.  SCORE!!!!!!

I read about this next one which is crocking chicken breasts in s&p and shredding in the Kitchenaid mixer and then freezing to bring out for a later time.  That is amazing, and a great way to prevent going out for dinner.

That led me to come up with this idea:  Buying fresh chicken breasts, then slicing/chopping whatever them, then freezing them so when you make something that calls for chopped chicken you can just throw it into the skillet and not have to deal with defrosting and then slicing and all that.  Yet another way to prevent ordering in.

I'm planning on chopping and shredding and freezing some zucchini.

I also am going to cook some beans tomorrow, chick peas and navy beans.  Turns out I don't have any dry black or kidney beans.  WHAT is this world coming to?!?!

Happy freezing at the end of the summer,


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