"for I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in;" Matthew 25:35

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Comfort Food

Hello Readers,

How's your Wednesday treating you?  Mine's been good, and quite busy.  My cousin came over this morning and we took my twins for a walk, then my dad and brother came over, after that my husband's grandma stopped by, and then after that my BIL and MIL stopped by!  It's been a good day though, anything to make the weekend get here quicker, right?  Well since I was so busy today, I needed to make something quick, and tasty, because I always want my food to be tasty!  Who wouldn't want their food to be tasty?  I mean, that's one of the best parts of eating!!
Well I was so smart and planned to make Chicken & Drop Dumplings already, but I hadn't decided if I would cook it on the stove, or in the Crock Pot, but I decided ultimately to crock it, because I didn't have room in my dishwasher, and I didn't have time to cook the chicken first.  So I consulted the Chicken & Drop Dumplings recipe from this cookbook:

I never actually follow this recipe all the way through, but I look at it to see how many cups of liquid.  So here's mine & Busy Woman's Slow Cooker Cookbook's version of Chicken & Dumplings
Two chicken breasts cut into bite-sized ish pieces
Two potatoes diced ish
Three carrots peeled and chopped
A quarter cup frozen mixed veggies
5 Cups water
2 Low sodium chicken bullion cubes
Some cayenne
Some dill weed
Some cumin
And some garlic Powder

I crocked this on high for like two or three hours, until the chicken was cooked through, then I put it on low until 45 minutes before we were going to eat dinner.  When it was 45 minutes before dinnertime, I mixed 1 Cup Bisquick and 1/4 cup water with dill weed, (a little goes a LONG way), cayenne and garlic powder, and then dropped them on top of the soup, put the cover on and turned the heat up to high for 45 minutes.  Then we ate, and we enjoyed.  Super easy, pretty cheap, and so comforting.
So Chicken and Dumplings is my comfort food.

What's your comfort food?


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