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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Baked Brown Rice and Lentils

Hello Readers,

So can you guess what this blog is about?  I bet you guessed right, you smart readers, you!  It's about baked lentils and brown rice!  I made that for dinner last night, (duh, why else would I make a post about it??).  So basically I've been trying out new recipes and methods, and things to prepare for times whenever we need to trim the budget, which usually happens around Christmastime, and Summertime.  Well, guess what time is coming up?  Christmastime, yes we just passed Summer, but we had a lot of help with meals, and I had a full freezer stocked up for when I had the babies, so we did have a trimmed budget, but I was prepared, and our neighbors, our family, and our church family were great and helped us out so much!
Well, what I'm basically trying to say is this Winter we don't have quite as much help, or preparation as we did over the summer, (which is totally okay, we were so surprised and blessed with all the love, support and help we received after the girls' early arrival).  So now I've been stocking my freezer and trying new things that will come in handy for winter and when I can't just run to the store, because of the weather, or the budget.  I've been freezing beans, putting things in cans (baby formula cans), making the SOS mix, and last night I made the brown rice and lentils, which costs practically nothing to make, just 3/4 c lentils and 1/2 c brown rice, onions, carrots celery, broth S&P, and garlic.  You bake it all together and you have a very healthy, and pretty delicious meal, problem is, it is UGLY, so if you are a visual eater you may have problems with it, but I promise it's good.  I added parmesean cheese and my husband added cheese and hot sauce, and we both has second and there was food to spare.  Here's where I found the recipe:
So one thing that I experienced is that it says to bake at 325 for an hour, and after I did that, it barely did anything, so I brought it up to 375 and baked for another 30 min, then another 15 min, and then it was finally cooked, so don't give up, it does work, you just have to find what works best for your climate and oven!

But this was one of my pantry meals and will be making it again!  Trimming the grocery budget with cheap and healthy meals like this will always be good for any family trying to save money and add some goodness to their diet!

Happy budget trimming,


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