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Monday, September 10, 2012

A Great Tip & Deliciousness

Hello Readers,

How are you?  I'm having a great day, in fact, the best Monday I've had in awhile, (not counting Labor Day).  The clouds were out, it was cool and windy, and I barely needed the AC!

I made 12 cups of beans, garbanzo and navy, and froze 2 cups per bag, which is about the same as a can of beans.  I chopped up half of a giant zucchini (4.5 cups), and froze individual bags, and shredded the rest of it (4 cups) in individual bags.

I made a delicious, and I mean delicious dinner.  Pork chops and cheesy scalloped potatoes, the link to the recipe is in my latest meal plan post.  I'm not even kidding this was so good, so, so, so good.  I did not take a picture though, because it wasn't very pretty, but trust me, just because something is ugly, does not mean it isn't tasty!

I made a big salad (and ate it).  Got my healthy food on ;)

I made PUMPKIN CREAM CHEESE BARS.  I could cry they are so good.  I did take a picture of them:

These are literally so amazingly delicious and so simple, this would be a great thing to make with your children.  I also have this recipe on my latest meal planning post, go there to find it.  It'll also be in my Been There Done That board on pinterest:  http://pinterest.com/cooking4ireland/

And last, but definitely not least, my great tip.  This is for mamas and daddies who formula feed their babies. We go through a can of formula every other day with our twins and we throw so much away, and I hate it.  I hate throwing so much away, and I don't have a choice to feed them any other ways, don't judge me please, you try breast feeding twins!  Anyway, I hate throwing away these cans, and I've had some problems with my pantry, I found a bug in my rice, and that just is NOT okay.  Gross, yuck!!  So I have been reading about re-purposing other objects, and I thought, what about a can of formula?  So I took the wrapper off, and cleaned it out (dried it as well), and filled it up!
Holding over a pound of lentils

Before and After

How exciting is that?  Now I'm sure you could do something cuter by wrapping it with cute wrapping paper or fabric, but I had a baby crying, and let's face it, I'm not good at making things pretty, but I tried, I used my best cursive!  As I use more formula I plan to fill them with various types of rice, quinoa, dry beans and maybe brown sugar or something else.

So overall I feel I had a pretty good and productive day, and I hope I inspired you to save and use these containers instead of throwing them out!

Happy (almost) Autumn,


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