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Saturday, August 4, 2012

We Didn't Have Internet!!

Hello Readers!

I have been cooking and cooking, but I haven't been able to blog, because our internet has been down.  On the bright side, we got cable, right during the middle of the Olympics, way to go Gabby Douglas!  I love gymnastics, I have always loved gymnastics, and ice skating!
Anyhoo, I've made some yummy stuff the passed few nights, Wednesday we ended up just having pizza cause it was a long and crazy day, and we didn't want to even try cooking, so we didn't.
Thursday I made some Americanized "Asian" food, of course it wasn't actually Asian food, but a girl can dream, right?  So our meal was a baked chicken egg roll, egg drop soup, and orange chicken.  The chicken egg roll was just store bought, they taste good, they're cheap and they're easy!  The egg drop soup was super simple, you bring four cups of chicken broth to a boil and then take it off the heat and whisk in three egg whites, simple as that.  I added diced water chestnuts because I enjoy the texture.  I added low-sodium soy sauce to my soup, my husband added Siracha.  The orange chicken was also pretty simple, just sliced some chicken, threw in frozen peppers, water chestnuts and a diced onion.  The orange sauce was made by Kim Lee products, I've only found them at Safeway though.  My only regret is that I should have made rice for the orange chicken, it was a little too saucy for just plain eating, but still good!
Americanized "Asian" Food

Last night I decided to shift my husband's paradigm on meat loaf.  I guess I should explain a little bit on what I mean.  My husband wasn't a fan of a lot of foods, because he had them only prepared one way or another and they weren't done very well.  So since we've been married I've been trying my change his views on foods he used to not like, or hadn't tried.  Pork chops were one of those foods that I had to change his mind on--I did.  :) 
Back to meat loaf, the original recipe was called Individualized Sicilian Meatloaves, it called for ground beef and prosciutto, but I wanted to make sure my hubby would like it so I wanted to go simpler.  I used ground turkey and no prosciutto.
I mixed together the turkey, 1/4 c breadcrumbs and spaghetti sauce, s&p garlic sauce and an egg, and formed little meat loaves around a small slice of mozzarella cheese.  I baked it at 400 degrees for 20 minutes at first, but I ended up baking for another 20 minutes because I wanted it to be really firm and have a nice crust.  I served it over the top of No Yolk Egg noodles and spaghetti sauce.  It tasted like spaghetti and meat balls.  The best part is that my husband liked them!
Mini Turkey Meatloaf Over Egg Noodles
Tonight we're having New York Ritche's pizza for dinner.  You buy it by the slice, and it's huge and thin and greasy and good.  DROOL.  
Tomorrow night my husband is going to take his first stab at grilling steak!  Hopefully it turns out, if it doesn't I'll chop it up and cook it on the stove or something, we'll see.

Stay cool avoid the heat everybody,


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