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Monday, August 20, 2012

If You Could Only Pick Two..

Hello Readers,

I've been a lazy cook lately and haven't really made anything blog-worthy, or just repeated things I've blogged about before.  I was thinking at 4 this morning after I fed my twins and put them to bed about what spices/seasonings I would pick if I could only have two for the rest of my life (salt and pepper aren't allowed).  I didn't really even have to consider, because I have two go-to spices/seasonings.

I have a seasoning that I use in the majority of my savory dishes, and that is garlic powder.  Oh my word I love garlic powder.  Not only does it have a delicious garlicky flavor, (duh), but I feel like it makes lots of foods more interesting, like fish, plain noodles with butter, in salad dressings..oh I could go on forever.  Another reason why I like it is that I've heard and read about it having the possibility of reducing cholesterol and blood pressure.  Awesome, right?  Although I know it's not a miracle worker, I like that possibility.

The other one I would chose is cinnamon!  I use it in every sweet dish I make, and usually add extra!  I put it in hot cocoa, any muffins, cakes, PIES...oh yes.  It tastes so good, and gives desserts a richer flavor.  Also, I've taken cinnamon pills before because evidently it helps to metabolize sugar.  Awesome right?

Curious, what would you choose?

Happy seasonings,


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