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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Adventures in Zucchiniland

Hello Readers,

Where do you take a trip to during the summer?  The beach?  Amusement park?  Go camping?  What about a magical, delicious and versatile place called Zucchiniland?!?!?  Where the zucchini grow like weeds, and, oh wait, that's my husband's grandma's back yard!!  She brought over two 4-pound chini's (key-knees) the other day, straight from her garden!  Also brought some tomatoes and blackberries!!

But I hate wasting things, especially food, especially food that was given to us.  So I knew I had to start playing with the chini before too long, because who wastes two perfectly giant, and delicious and nutritious chinis??  So last summer I started using Pinterest, (what did I ever do before it?!?), and I searched "Zucchini" just to see what I could do with it besides bread, because honestly, how much zucchini bread can you eat before you're just sick of it?  I'd say about a loaf, that's just me though.  And I found lots of ideas, repinned them, but never really read them, just salivated over the pictures.  I've since repinned 100's of recipes, and the chini recipes are stuck at the bottom, and I get too inspired, or too lazy to look all the way through.

Anyhoo, I've been cooking with zucchini for two nights now, last night I made zucchini pizzas.  What I did was slice and season and bake for awhile, until fork tender, then I put thin sliced tomatoes, garlic cheddar and provolone cheese and pepperoni on it, and baked until it looked good!  MmmmMmmmm!  I used season salt, pepper, cayenne, garlic powder, onion flakes, oil, and pizza seasonings, but you could use anything your little heart desires!

Tonight, I remembered a delicious looking picture of stuffed zucchini, but I was too lazy to look it up, so what did I did?  I winged/wung it.  I pretty much made what I would put in a stuffed pepper, except tonight I decided to try another new thing:  Johnsonville sausage.  Yes, I've never cooked it before, easiest thing ever, just brown both sides, add water, simmer, ta-da!  It's the Hot version of the sausage, and it really isn't that hot, but you do feel it on the back of your tongue!  So I cooked that and chopped it, and put it in a bowl.  In that bowl I also added shredded cheese, can o corn, some black beans I had made and froze months ago, another garden-fresh tomato, and some brown rice.
The zucchini I had scooped out and salted and baked for quite some time at 350, until I lost all patience with waiting because my twin b was screaming at me for food and attention, then I put the goodies inside of it, packing it down until it was full and baked for say around 30 minutes, until the skin was fork-tender.  Then I put it down to 250 ish to wait for my hubby to get home.  To be totally honest I was terrified about how it was going to turn out!  We served it with sour cream, didn't need a side dish, plenty of carbs, protein and fat, and fruits and veggies, it's all there!  But guess what?  It turned out great!  My hubby loved it after a 12-hour work day, and it's all gone!  Holla!

We still have the guts to this zucchini, and a whole 'nother one, so there will be more trips to zucchiniland soon!  What stops do you make while you're in zucchiniland?

Happy chini-ing,

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