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Monday, January 9, 2012

Back on Track...For Now!

Hello Readers,

I'm starting to feel human again, HALLELUJAH!!!  HALLELUJAH!!!!!  Okay, but seriously, now that I'm done with my boards, I feel like a brand-new woman, well, okay, slightly used, discounted, and bought with a coupon and doubler day, but, the good news is I survived!  Now to wait for the results....

Anyways, today was the first day of school and I vowed that now that I'm back in school on my EASIEST TERM OF HYGIENE SCHOOL!  Another HALLELUJAH!!!  Moment!  I vowed that I am going to get back on track!  Meaning cleaning, cooking, meal planning, couponing, etc.

I haven't meal planned yet, but I did do the dishes, clean the kitchen, and did two loads of laundry.  I also made dinner!  It wasn't as good as I hoped, but my husband liked it, and I think I would have liked it if I wasn't a picky prego lady!!

So this is kind of my "secret" recipe that I stole from my friend, it is biscuit pizza.  Basically you make baking powder biscuit dough, and put it in a square baking dish, and put on it whatever you please.  Today I heated up some of my frozen pinto beans and mashed them, and put them on the dough as the "sauce", grated some mozzarella cheese over that, and in a separate bowl, I shredded some leftover fried chicken and put in some enchilada sauce, and poured it over the top, and baked it at 450 degrees for what seemed like forever, (I set it at 12 mins at first, and did a couple 4 mins, and then a 5 min).

Chicken Enchilada Biscuit Pizza

Sorry for the poor picture quality, flash made it impossible to see, and so this is the best we could get with my computer's lame picture editor, but darn it, I tried!!  Like I said before, my husband really liked this, and if I wasn't having taste aversions I probably would have devoured it!  Biscuit pizzas are so easy and cheap to make, and you can put practically anything on it, depending on how long you want to wait for the dough and ingredients to bake!!

I'll keep up the good work ;)


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