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Friday, December 9, 2011


Hello Readers,

Today's blog is about, you guessed it, beans!  Beans, beans, the magical fruit....are beans actually a fruit?  Who knows, you won't find that out here!  I don't know much about food, I just know it tastes good!  So anyways, I read some information about beans and decided to try them out!  Not that I've never had beans before, I am a big fan, especially black beans.

So I got a 16 oz bag of red beans, I would say it was like $2.50, I didn't really pay attention to the price though!  Anyways, I decided to cook them all up at once, because I'm crazy like that!  So last night, I rinsed my beans and pulled out any bad looking ones, put them in a dish and soaked them overnight.  This morning, I put them in a pot and brought the water above them, brought them to a boil and then simmered them whilst covered.  I did that for 40 mins, checked them, and decided to put them on another 20 minutes, and they were the desired "doneness" for me.

I took out about two cups and some of the broth and used them immediately for some chili, and I let the rest cool.  once it was cooled, I took the beans and separated them from the broth, and had three bags of 2 cups of beans that I froze, and that is a little more than a can of beans per bag, and I had three cups of the broth leftover, but if I hadn't spilled it, I would have frozen that and used it with some other broth for a chili or a tortilla soup.

So I am officially pro-dry beans.  You should be too.  It is really easy, and there are less preservatives and instead of four-five cans of beans, there is one small bag of beans.  Although you cannot recycle the packaging mine came in...maybe I will buy in bulk next time!  All in all, super easy, healthy, and versatile!  Give it a shot!


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