"for I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in;" Matthew 25:35

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Monday, November 21, 2011


Hello readers,

We have been eating as simply as possible, that's all we can afford to do, but you know what?  With our limited means, it has helped me become more creative, and more confident in my abilities and my hunches how certain flavors will work.  I've learned that I enjoy adding surprise ingredients, or spices to make the recipe my own.

Today for lunch I was very hungry and grumpy and needed some food, fast, but not fast food of course.  So I just cooked up some rice, and took a can of tuna and a SMALL amount of soy sauce, it didn't need much.  It wasn't the healthiest meal, or the most complete meal, but it filled me up, and gave me leftovers, and that was a lunch that I didn't have to buy.

Today for dinner I am making chicken and drop dumplings from my "Busy Women's Slow Cooker Cookbook" cookbook, and I didn't have all the ingredients called for, so I substituted some of my own ideas:
A box of beef broth (No chicken)
Some water
half a bag of frozen mixed veggies
two diced uncooked chicken breasts

and let it go on low for almost 10 hours, then I dropped on the biscuit mixture, which was:
2 cups bisquick
1/2 cup water (I added extra)
and some dill in the mix, that was my little oomph to make it mine

After I dropped the biscuit mix on, I "dilled" the top of them for some extra flavoring.
 This is what my amazing meal looked like once it was cooked, see the dill?
This is what it looked like in my awesome carrot mug.  Yes, I always serve soup/chowder/stew in these veggie mugs, I also have a corn one and a cabbage one, my mom gave them to me.

My verdict is that this was an extremely simple meal to make, and to eat, and that is what makes it comfort food.  The biscuits made the broth really creamy and nice.  Next time I make this I wouldn't use water but extra broth, but I had to make a sacrifice with this.

Let me know what you think, you know you want to try it ;)


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