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Monday, November 14, 2011

Photos of Phood

Yes, yes I just misspelled food, for the greater good--of my blog, that is.

So I just took some pictures that I have taken off of my Facebook, so I can kind of show off a little bit.  These are not all I have made, just a few I've taken posted.  As a disclaimer:  There are a lot of pictures of things I've baked, I'm not the best baker, I am more of a dinner gal, but stick with me:

This is a "Grasshopper Pie" I did not like it, other people did, but I thought it was too strong.  It called for chocolate flavored alcohol, and mint flavored alcohol...you could taste the alcohol.

This was my pumpkin roll cake with ginger buttercream frosting, oh yes.

This is the pumpkin roll cake pre-rolled.

This is my triple-berry pie, I made the crust (Obviously), and it had strawberries, blueberries and marion berries, it was oh, so perfect.

What do I do with brown bananas?  I freeze them, and then make them into cinnamon banana bread!  Sometimes I add peanut butter and chocolate chips in the batter too, never used nuts though.

This is a strawberry rhubarb pie, I added too much sugar, and I didn't like the texture of the rhubarb.

My parents cleaned out their freezer and gave me a chicken, I hid it in my freezer for a long time because I was afraid of it, finally I got the gall the cook it, so I defrosted it for awhile and called my mom and got step by step directions.  I used onions, half a can of cream of chicken and chicken broth for the liquid, and I stuffed it with pork stuffing, because that's what I had.  This is an example of how I cannot remember recipes, and that is the reason I started this blog, so I could remember, because the next time I make a whole chicken, I'm going to have to get directions from my mom, again.

This is my triple-berry pie straight outta the oven.

Blueberry peach pie.

Zucchini bread.  The next time I made the batter, I actually made muffins, handheld on-the-go snacks!

My tilapia.  Oh how I love this fish, so simple, yet so delicious.  Over the summer I had a very rigorous school schedule, and so I deemed Tuesday:  Tilapia Tuesday.  Every Tuesday I had my go to dinner, and it is so easy.  You just get out however many fillets you like, and defrost them over night, put a little oil in a baking dish, or spray.  Put down pepper, chili powder, cayenne, garlic powder, and onion flakes and put your fish on that, then on the top, spray with cooking spray, or put oil on, and all the same seasonings, and a dash of salt if you wish.  Bake at 400 or 450, (It varies for me) for like 8 minutes, and keep checking every so often, fish will flake when forked, yes, forked.

Zucchini chili:  This is where I learned to wear GLOVES when working with PEPPERS.  Especially when you don't know how hot they are.  Don't attempt to fight the pain, just do it, glove up, get the right PPE.  It was good though, just needed sour cream to cool down the heat for me.

I hope you've enjoyed my photos, they are by no means quality pictures, just taken from my cell, but I figured I should add pictures to make this a little more interesting for the both of us.



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