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Friday, November 18, 2011

Packing Lunches

Lately we have been trying to save money, and I didn't even realize that everyday, my husband has been buying lunch, and snacks throughout the day.  Ouch.  So I decided to take it upon myself to make his lunches, so I can control how much we spend on his food, keep track of what he is eating, and sneak some nutrition in there for him.
He is gone from 7-6 most days, sometimes later, especially with the weather turning, and he needs a lot of nutrition to keep him going, (he drives over the single-worst mountain pass in our state twice a day).
So I make him two sandwiches just on regular bread, one is a PB&Honey, the other is a "Pizza Sandwich", which is light mayo, one slice of white cheese, and 5 slices of pepperoni.  Then I put in a thing of applesauce, a cranberry juice, I have a little can of nuts in there, a handful of pretzels, and ten Ritz crackers.  Then I usually pack a fruit leather, or cranberries or some sort of "fruity snack".  I also have packed some acetaminophen, and Aleve, just in case he gets headaches, or body aches.  I also packed a green tea bag, because sometimes he doesn't drink his tea at home in the morning, and he gets caffeine withdraw symptoms.

So with this lunch, he is getting protein, a small amount of dairy, fruit, carbohydrates, and fats.  The only thing I am missing is veggies, I think I am going to start packing V8's in his lunches.

So we calculated it out, and it came up to about $4.00 a day to pack his lunch, and he was spending close to $7.00 a day.  That saves $15.00 a week (I can make 3 dinners with that kind of money), and I get to serve my husband.

That makes me happy :)

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