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Monday, November 14, 2011

Ode to Potatoes

Okay, okay, I know I've bee posting a lot today, but this blog is about FOOD!  The best topic practically ever!

I wanted to talk a little about potatoes, they are incredible, and no wonder Ireland survived off them for so long, or however that goes ;)

Last month I was in need of something to bring to a potluck, a side dish.  I hate bringing stuff to potlucks, I'm too lazy and too stingy, but one of my best friends was having it, so I was going to let my dislike slide and make something.  I was at the grocery store looking for something, when I was in the produce aisle and saw that a 10 lb bag-o-tatos was under 2 bucks, um heck yes.  So I bought them and brought them home to decide what to make as a side dish.

Of course I decided on mashed potatoes, so I skinned em, chopped em, boiled em and mashed em.  Then I added some butter, country gravy, and pepper.  Yes, they are oh so good, no, I don't know the caloric intake, nor do I care, not for a potluck!!

So after I made those mashed taters I had a ton of taters left, so I made oven fries, used em in soups, chowers and stews, and even made an "Idaho Sunrise" which is a baked potato that is hollowed out, with an egg, cheese and bacon inside of it, baked and devoured.

What I'm getting at is that I love potatoes, they are oh so versatile, and I enjoyed working with them and finding new ways to use them!!

What are ways that you use potatoes?

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