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Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Resources

Where do you get your recipes?
I have many different places that I get mine, I have a profile on Food Network's Website, Cooking Channel, and AllRecipes.com as well.  I also have at least 15 cookbooks, some of my favorites are:
This is my Betty Crocker Bridal Edition cookbook, I love this, it is so beautiful, and is perfect.  I got it when I first got married, I also got the same year of the "Red" cookbook, but I like this layout better, so when I say I use my Betty Crocker cookbook, I am referring to this one.
This cookbook is great, most recipes only have a few ingredients, and there are multiple recipes for the same ideas, so you can chose what idea you want.  
This is my other slow cooker go-to cookbook.  (Can you tell that I really love my Crock Pot yet??).  When I go off of these recipes, I almost always do my own variation, because I don't always have a lot of the ingredients called for, oh well, still tastes good.

I also have signed up for e-mails from all the cooking websites I could find, and add recipes to digital recipe boxes if I want them.  Also, I am Facebook "Friends" with many forums that have recipes, such as Crockin' Girls, and Betty Crocker.  Also, on Pinterest, I always am searching recipes, sometimes putting in some ingredient I know, or something to get rid of it, especially if it is perishable.

I also go to bookstores for old cookbooks, and always take people recipes when offered.  Another source is magazines.  We get a monthly magazine from our electric company that always has seasonal recipes for our area, if they are good, I clip them and put them in my hand-me-down recipe box.

I also check out, and sometimes try recipes that are on the back of products, for example:  Minute Rice.  They have a great shrimp-broccoli stir fry, and I have tweaked that recipe so many ways that now I make it with all sorts of meats and veggies.  So I always cut the recipes out, or write them down, it is so worth it.

Also, for sides, I take things like Rice-a-Roni, and use the "Make it a meal" idea, but instead of adding proteins, I add veggies, so we are getting veggies along with a starch, and hey, that's a way to get our veggies in, even if it isn't the "Healthiest way ever".

I hope that these suggestions help you out, if you have anymore for me, let me know!

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