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Sunday, November 27, 2011

I Broke the Rules!!

Hello readers,

I am sorry!!  I haven't been writing since it is the holidays, which I know is against the blogging rules!!  But it is the holidays, and well, I haven't been home, or have just been too busy lately!  But I haven't forgotten about you!!  I also haven't really cooked much either, eating leftovers!

I have been doing a few things with the leftovers, my mom sent me home with turkey and stuffing.  So I made a leftover Thanksgiving sandwich yesterday, white cheese, turkey, stuffing and parmesean cheese grilled, it was soooo good!  I also made some rice, and added cheese turkey and stuffing.  Another time I just took the turkey itself and dipped it in sweet hot mustard, that was nice.

We also have been grazing leftovers from my husband's family, cranberry sauce, veggies, turkey, and mashed potatoes, oh, and dip, lots of dip, lots of amazingly delicious dip.  My husband's grandma makes the most amazing dip, I will share the recipe with you.

Cottage cheese, sour cream, and dry ranch packet.

OH my stars, it is so amazing.  And so good on everything, good on turkey, good mixed with turkey gravy, good on veggies, taters, pizza rolls, bread rolls, and by the spoonfuls!  My man hates cottage cheese and he even likes this dip.  My mouth is watering.

I am sorry I haven't been writing much, and that I am cutting this post short!  Forgive me, I must write my Periodontal Paper!  Now that is an entirely different subject, that is neither here, nor there!

Merry Christmas!!!!

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