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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Crock Pot Chops.

First off, I have a confession to make:  I am in love with my Crock Pot.  It is the single most amazing invention, pretty much ever.  I mean seriously, you add some ingredients, turn it on, and wait, it is so perfect, especially for a busy household like ours.
So, now that I've confessed my love affair, now I get to talk about my Crock Pot Chops!
I found this recipe on Facebook, and it was provided by the "Crockin' Girls", y'all should like them, they're pretty awesome!

So the Crock Pot Chops
Can of cream of chicken soup
envelope of onion soup mix
envelope of pork gravy mix
it says 1 and 1/2 cup chicken broth I put in a can of broth which is two cups.

I LEARNED SOMETHING TODAY!!  (sorry ADD moment here)...One 14.5 oz is TWO CUPS, so awesome.

Okay, so basically put everything in the crock and put it on low for 6-8 hours, I do it for 8 hours, sometimes longer because of my timing situation.

I served it with Rice-a-roni that is mixed with broccoli and other frozen veggies.  My hubby really liked the pork chop, which is really awesome because he isn't much of a pork fan.

This was a SUPER easy meal, because today was a really stressful day at school, and I didn't want to do much cooking.

This is a super spread out blog and really crazy and sporadic, we are watching The Office, so I oughta get going, and stop writing, because I have a feeling this isn't making sense, get over it.


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