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Monday, November 14, 2011

Another Blog!

I always am starting new blogs, but they are always on such diverse topics, so I lose interest, and then I quit.  Boring..  So today I am, (Again) starting a new blog, dedicated to one of my most favorite topics:  Food.
I'm not talking about a food diary where I whine about starving myself, but I want to have a personally public food journal, to remember what recipes I've made, what I changed about them, and what we think of them.
Many times I've made a recipe off the top of my head, and then never wrote it down, thus, hindering my ability to make it again.  Not anymore!  I won't upload pictures often, but I will try!
Tonight I made what I call Hot-Tot casserole
A basic tater tot casserole, but it was hot, and we call tots, tots, therefore, I named it Hot-Tot casserole, plus it cracks me up.
3/4 Cup Ground Beef (ground turkey, tofurkey, chicken would work too, I just happened to have ground beef)
Can of cut green beans
Can of cream of chicken soup
Half can (from cream of chicken soup) of milk
Half a bag of Tots
Season salt
Garlic power
Dehydrated onions

So basically I cooked a pound of ground beef and added a TINY bit of salt (I'm suffering from nerve damage in my tongue, so I have to salt food to be able to taste it, this is not a usual occurance in our house!!), lots of garlic powder (We love garlic so I add a lot, if you don't so much, don't add a lot, but don't use garlic salt and table salt, okay??), added dehydrated onions too, eyeball it, add in small increments at a time until it looks good.  I took out about a quarter of the beef for another recipe.
 Add the meat to a baking dish, I used my oval corning ware, smaller than a 9X13, bigger than an 8X8, mix it with green beans, and cream of chicken soup (You can use cream of whatever, I just had chicken on hand), and the milk if you so chose, so everything looks covered with the liquid.
Next we pour on the tots, it doesn't have to be perfect, but I tried not to overlap them.  After they're on there, I added season salt to the top, and threw it in the oven at 350 F for 25 mins.  At 25 mins I checked and the tots were looking browned, but not quite so I put it on for another 5 mins, still not there so another 5, perfect. Then I tore up two pre-sliced slices of montery jack cheese and sprinkled it on top, and baked for 5 minutes, and let it sit out for 3 minutes.
The thing about the cooking times is that it is different for everybody, so just go with it, do taste tests, everything is cooked through anyways so it won't hurt you.

Voila.  It is easier to do than said, and the verdict:
Husband really liked it and so did I.  It was about a 7.6, better than canned soup, not as good as a, well, a 10.  :)
This recipe gave us both large servings with seconds, and there is a little leftover.  I would suggest nuking it to reheat.  I tried this recipe with ketchup on the side, it was okay, but not necessary.
Overall cook time was really short, same with assembly, just baking time was a little time consuming, other than that I would definitely recommend this recipe if you're short on time, and/or ingredients.  It seems like a very changeable recipe, so if you had peas, or corn you could do that instead, but if you are going to add extra veggies, you might need to add more liquid.

Let me know if you tried this, and what you thought of it :)


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